Salam from Istanbul - Turkey.

It is my great pleasure to send my deepest regards and Salams to you from Ertugrul tour.

We have been organizing Ertugrul tours in Turkey for many years and alhamdulillah you all made us number one Ertugrul tour company in Turkey with all your support and trust. I highly appreciate for this and May ALLAH bless you all.  

Ertugrul Tour is a sub  brand of TRIP NOW TRAVEL & EVENTS which is organizing the most well known Islamic & Ottoman History concept tours in Turkey for many years Alhamdulillah.

The company offers Signature tours in Turkey as below and proud to be the Sole partner of Viator company in Turkey for Daily Ertugrul tour from Istanbul .

Our Signature Tours 

⭐️ Daily Ertugrul Tour: Number one Ertugrul Tour in Turkey guided personally by an Ottoman and Islamic History Expert Tour specialist -30 years of guiding experience with a professional government license , Mr. Cengiz Kellekci

⭐️ Half Day Sahaba Tour in Istanbul

⭐️ Daily Konya Tour from Istanbul 

Ertugrul Tour is also distinguished member of TURSAB ( Association of Turkish Travel Agencies ) with a license number A-9509 and also recognized and registered by the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey.  

We are pleased to offer all services that you may need in Turkey .

InshaAllah be our guests and feel our difference.

Thanks & Wassalam

Cengiz Kellekci - Founder of Ertugrul Tour 

M: +90 532 245 3546 (Available on Whatsapp 7/24)

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